Welcome to Modern Pagan Spirituality!  You’ll find various pieces of collected information, original content, photographs, artwork, and more that I feel reflect my definition of a modern, spiritual Pagan.  It is not a definitive path.  It’s not even a straight, narrow, singular path.  It is but one among many in a huge forest of paths.  They may all lead in different directions.  That’s okay.  It’s not necessarily about the destination.


By Joining Us Here, You Agree to the Following Guidelines:

  1.  Respect.  While perusing the the various blog posts here, you may come across ideas that you disagree with or even offend you.  Please keep scrolling!  You’re welcome to present your ideas via comments in a scholarly way… no name calling or otherwise inflammatory commentary will be permitted.  I reserve the right to delete comments as I see fit.
  2. Education.  Educate yourself.  Don’t look to this blog for the end-all-be-all information about Pagan Spirituality.  You’ve got the world at your fingertips – use the internet, go to a library, find like-minded groups online or in your community.  Talk to people (online and offline).  If you find something you’re curious about – whether it’s related to Paganism or something completely outside the realm of religion… Educate yourself.  You are your greatest teacher.
  3. Copying info directly from this site is not permitted.  Please don’t lift entire posts and re-post them as your own.  I work hard on these posts, and it’s disrespectful to copy or claim information here on this site as your own.  That said, if you desperately feel the need to copy something or want to use something in your own blog, please message me for permission first.


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*Credit to original authors and creators will be given when possible.  If at anytime, you find something of yours on this Blog you wish me to remove, please message me immediately and I’ll remove it.  -x
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